Love is not enough.

Megan and Arnold get tough on starry-eyed college grads. While I agree that a job is what others pay us to do for them, not what we want to do, those two things are in no way completely mutually exclusive.

One of my favorite lessons from game theory in college (!) was to do what you love, and which few other people love. The logic is simple – a person who loves what they do is likely to do it better than someone who just does it for the money. Work won’t be as much “work”.

But people are generally alike, and love doing similar things. So playing with puppies and kittens in a shelter doesn’t pay well. So to command a relative wage premium, do something which you enjoy which most people don’t. For sure, you need to work hard and put in the time in the not-enjoyable stuff, but you’re still likely to make a happiness-per-wage premium compared to someone who just does it for the money.


Update: Some great stats looking at job prospects by college major.

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