Behavioral Round-up

  1. Traits of a Rogue Trader? Risk-seeking in the loss domain, and a desire to play with the big boys.
  2. Why experts exaggerate – not a complete list, but good points.
  3. Depression Babies gone intergenerational stalls the fixing of the Euro. And a very interesting position German households find themselves in:  

the German savings rate was more than 10 percent every year between 2003 and 2009, while during the same period it bottomed out at 1.5 percent in the United States, and never rose above 6.2 percent. As a result German households had net savings of $4.3 trillion, according to the Bundesbank, in a country of fewer than 82 million people.

Germans own homes at a lower rate, 41.6 percent, than the 66.3 percent of Americans who do. And most people do not invest in the stock market here.

“For the average American, inflation means the home price is increasing and the value of debt is going down,” said Peter Bofinger, a prominent economist on Mrs. Merkel’s independent council of economic advisers, “whereas the German invested in life insurance and sitting in an apartment he rented is much more vulnerable to inflation.


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